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Sacred Sky Events offers heart-opening activities for all ages to gather

in celebration and connection with each other, our self, and the planet.


Thursday, September 26th, 6:30pm
@ Muir Woods Clubhouse, Mill Valley




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This unique and intimate evening with Wah! is a special gift to our community and Mt. Tam.

Come together and sing on the mountain with a night of peace mantras. For singers and non-singers alike, this will be a special evening where even those who only wish to listen will be an important contribution toward collectively retuning peace into the world and within our Self through alchemy of song and intention. Leave inspired and supported to shine the song in your heart and intentionally shape the world you live in. 

You are invited on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2019

@ MUIR WOODS CLUBHOUSE, 40 Ridge Ave, Mill Valley, CA 94941

DOORS: 6:00
SHOW: 6:30-9:30


$18 advance tickets
$25 day of door


KIRTAM 2018: Singing in the Solstice
KirTam is a gift to You! Please come and receive a rare night of medicine music on Mt. Tam. We will be Singing in the Solstice together. The transition from one season to another can also be a ripe time for attention to transition in our own lives. Come and listen to enchanting melodies of love & gratitude. Be invited to join in and feel the power of your voice connecting with community. Be prepared for all the dreams to be elevated toward reality as we raise our voices in unity.
Mt Tam Astronomy Night
September 23, 2017

Mt Tam Astronomy Night! Meet at Pantoll and hike to a clear spur where you and your family can lay out blankets and snacks and enjoy time together learning about the night sky with star maps, storytelling, and scientific findings while connecting with Mt. Tam. Don't forget your headlamps as we'll be hiking back in the dark!
KirTam with Wah!
Kirtan on Mt. Tam
September 14, 2017

Join in joyful kirtan singing atop Mt. Tamalpais. Raise your voices and connect with community in a unique night of heart opening and empowering music. The evening will be led by Wah!, an original voice in bringing kirtan devotional singing to the West and has been devoted to facilitating healing and peace through music events and workshops since the early 90's.
Standing Rock Blanket Drive
December 15, 2016

Gather with kindred spirits to create a connection to our brothers and sisters rallying at Standing Rock. Bring wool blanketts and bless them with song, prayer, and story, then roll them into a sacred scroll for transportation to Standing Rock. Let the love light in your heart light up and warm the heart of another.
Girl Empowered Safety Day
November 16, 2016

50 Northern California Girl Scouts will practice emergency and non-emergency safety skills led by five dynamic female emergency professionals. Girls will gain hands-on experience while creating an essential first-aid kit. Naturopathic remedies and simple strategies will allow girls to engage a deeper sense of power and confidence as a healer in their community.
Medicine Making & Native Plant Hike
Join botanical herbalist, Tellur Fenner, of Blue Wind School of Botanical Studies, as we share a weekend learning more intimately about the plants that grow on Mt. Tam, and the unique medicines they hold for our bodies. We will transform identified plants into healing medicine. As we receive these generous gifts from our local plant community, may we reciprocally be inspired to generously gift back our time and stewardship in keeping Mt. Tam sacred.
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Sacred Sky Events is dedicated to offering gatherings that create space for joyful connection.  Each event invokes deep health and happiness through celebrating and strengthening deep relationships to Self, others, and the planet. Join us as we collaborate with unique and inspiring artists to explore

spirit, body, and mind in events that honor the sacred in life. 

Located in the mountains of Marin County, California. 



Reach out here for more info on our events or if

you have ideas you'd like to collaborate on!


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